Synergist Production System's (SPS) archive provides access to a snapshot of project information at any given time in the project. Archived information includes timeline, expenses, personnel costs, equipment, film footage tracking, activities and logistics.

Business Problem: When creating a new production schedule, or adding new sections to an existing schedule, allocations have been based on experience or manual records. The reuse of components in combinations that created successful and profitable outcomes is difficult to identify and replicate. In evaluating what-if scenarios due to schedule changes it is difficult to pinpoint all the data associated with a group of activities. Analytic options are very limited.

Synergist Solution: The budget, schedule, and costs are completely integrated in real-time, providing easy access to historical project financials, whether they are one week or six months old. Executives can easily analyze production project components to assist with proactive planning and decisions to improve future profitability.