Synergist Production System (SPS) empowers managers and executives with real-time project status and performance monitoring in dashboard views. SPS streamlines and integrates the hundreds of thousands of incremental transactions to provide an up-to-date comparison of actuals to budget and schedule for multiple production projects.

Business Problem: The complexities of production project planning cause non-integrated budgets and schedules to quickly become inconsistent. Actual expense information is unreliable due to manual processes and disparate systems unable to quickly consolidate payroll and expense transactions from multiple locations.

Synergist Solution: SPS integrates budgeting, scheduling, and actuals to create a synchronized budget and schedule that remains consistent throughout the production project. Expense processing, billing, and payroll are expedited with minimal manual intervention to provide real-time dashboard views of production project status and profitability for executives. Expense summaries are readily available, and the project schedule can be monitored to minimize overtime costs. SPS enables consolidation across business units with more frequent and higher quality analytics.