Location Management...
streamlines timekeeping, payroll processing, equipment tracking, and positioning of people and equipment, creating workflow efficiencies and real-time financial updates. Location shoot set-up is simplified based on the director’s ability to view the positioning of all location variables, and centralized control of the repositioning of cameras and props from the director’s laptop.

Business Problem: Location shoots include lots of people, activities, and equipment that are interdependent to the successful completion of film footage. Missing people or misplaced equipment slows progress. Problems may not be immediately visible and corrective action is often delayed until the director can evaluate options, which is a manual process of moving around the location shoot. Camera and prop readjustments can take hours. Timekeeping is a manual process with inherent delays to payroll processing and financial accounting of payroll expenses.

Synergist Solution: Synergist Production System ’s (SPS) location management uses state-of-the-art technology to track people and equipment. It empowers directors to quickly review the entire location on a single screen, and to validate that interdependent people and equipment are in place. Alerts can be preset to flag critical missing resources. The location of equipment can be electronically repositioned to optimize effectiveness. Labor timekeeping is activated when people cross the location parameters. Timecard approvals, payroll processing, and financial accounting of payroll expense is streamlined.