Synergist Production System (SPS) automates the entire production project process saving time in initial logistical planning, decreasing the location shoot set-up time, and providing needed visibility into production status. The dynamic schedule facilitates what-if scenarios to evaluate the impact of changes, and will streamline the reallocation of resources and activities.

Business Problem: Production projects are managed chaos. The complexities of scheduling people, activities, equipment, travel, transportation, lodging, facilities and services is even more challenging across a diverse geography with payroll complexities presented by unions and guilds. Variables necessitate schedule changes whose impact cannot be evaluated due to the excessive manual effort needed to realign all subsequent activities and logistics. The most efficient reallocation of resources is dependent on human judgment. Resource leveling tools have limited capabilities. Good project management is dependent on a few experienced individuals which limits the ability for businesses to grow.

Synergist Solution: SPS provides dynamic scheduling capabilities that will automatically trigger future dependent activities, adjusting the schedule and milestone timetable. SPS provides earlier visibility to schedule changes and their impact allowing for more proactive corrective action. Producers and directors can review what-if scenarios to evaluate the impact of schedule changes to choose the most effective reallocation option for resources and equipment. Resource leveling functionality will optimize staff and equipment usage, managing union and labor costs most effectively.

When the schedule is changed, automated e-mails and alerts can streamline the realignment of activities. Anticipating the change moves the focus away from reacting to logistic realignment and toward creative productivity, resulting in higher quality film footage shot with less continuing time constraints, with the appropriate people and props in place. As more profitable reallocation decisions are made, pre-emptive planning becomes the standard, increasing the opportunity for time savings. Management can now be shared across a broader group of qualified employees due to the streamlining that SPS provides.