The Synergist datacenter is the definition of security. We take great pride in our investment and in doing so can assure our customers that their application and data is well protected. The following list represents some of the steps we have taken to protect against hackers and unauthorized users.

  • External fencing and lockable compound

  • Compound perimeter security system

  • Exterior motion sensing lighting

  • External IP based camera system

  • Security cameras and proxy readers on all entrances and exits

  • On site security monitoring of all systems including facilities systems like HVAC

  • On site and off site recording of data for redundancy including dual data centers

  • Automatic locking on all internal doors

  • 24 hour 365 day a year manned security by a reputable security company

  • Mechanical locking plus proximity card coverage of server suite

  • 24 hour 365 day a year recording within server suite

  • Caged security zones within server suite

In addition to the physical layers we have 12 hours of uptime provided by a commercial grade UPS system which is backed up by a dedicated Caterpillar diesel generator and 72 hours worth of fuel stored onsite. We are categorized as a tier 2 center, which means in the event of a severe disaster we are allocated fuel right behind Police and Fire vehicles. Power from the city grid is provided to us by two independent providers and routed on geographically diverse paths. Since we are close to a POP (point of presence) we have the ability to cross connect with more than 21 fiber providers in less than 15 minutes time further guaranteeing connectivity and uptime.