At Synergist we believe protecting customer data is of the utmost importance. To address this need we have implemented a six pillar approach to preventing unauthorized access.

  1. Installation and regular maintenance of a robust and redundant firewall configuration.
  2. Strong government-level encryption protocols to protect data across open, public networks.
  3. Employ best of breed anti-virus software on all network hardware and ensure definition files are always current.
  4. Strict adherence to strong access control measures for both physical and logical access. Single system accounts per individual, single session access to any of the multiple systems and proxy and biometric security for doors and access control panels.
  5. Regular monitoring of all network resources as well as ongoing vulnerability testing by an independent third party. Our operation center receives alerts in real time if any predetermined threshold is exceeded.
  6. Company wide adoption of an information security policy that exceeds online banking and merchant services requirements. Our policies and procedures go beyond online banking and VISA requirements.